C.V.Raman Group of Institutions
Placement Information System
Instructions for filling Online Application
  1. PIS Online Applicant Interface(website) can be accessed using http://pis.cvrgi.edu.in
  2. You must first register yourself, by providing your details as per the Registration format with a valid email address. Choose this carefully to be the one you check frequently, as all communications to you from the TP offices will be sent to this address (Do not use anybody else’s email address; Only one person can register with one email address).
  3. Upon registration, an email will be sent with more details. You will be required to choose a password that is not easily guessable (should not be, for example: your name, DOB, 12345, asdf, etc.), so as to ensure that the data you provide is not accessible to any person other than yourself.
  4. While Uploading the photograph please follow the following restrictions :
    1. The photograph must be in color and must be taken recently in a professional Manner. Photographs taken using a Mobile phone and other self-composed portraits are NOT acceptable.
    2. Photograph must be taken in a White or a very light background.
    3. Face should occupy about 50% of the area in the photograph, and with a full face view looking into the camera directly.
    4. If you normally wear spectacles, glare on glasses is not acceptable in your photo. Glare can be avoided with a slight downward tilt of the glasses for the photo shoot.
    5. You must not wear spectacles with dark or tinted glasses, only clear glasses are permitted.
    6. Your photo should be in a JPEG/JPG/GIF format and also on a standard 4.5 cm x 3.5cm size.Maximum pixel resolution for JPEG: 640480 (0.3 Mega pixel) Minimum pixel resolution for JPEG: 320 x 240.
    7. The maximum file size is 200 kB (kilo bytes).
    8. For your own benefit it may be prudent not to intentionally change your facial features or hair style as in the photograph until the day of the exam.
  5. After registration TP Cell will verify & activate the student. While activating the confirmation mail will come to your registered Email ID and after that you will login into the PIS system using your username and password for further proceedings.
  6. After Login you will see an application form with multiple steps to be filled in.  Hence Keep the following information ready:
    1. Personal information, with proper Communication Address (Important: PIN Code, Mob nos)
    2. Admission Information
    3. Academic Qualification (Detail Information )
    4. Parent Details (with Contact details)
    5. Project Details (if you have)
    6. High quality image of  your photograph conforming to these requirements
    7. PDF/JPG/GIF files of supporting documents (Eligibility & Category Certificates) (max file size: per file 1.0 MB; see more details below in section ‘supporting documents’)
  7. Fill in the necessary data in the online application form step by step following instructions given there. Upload the required soft copies of photo and Certificates.
  8. You have to upload PDF/JPG/GIF files of supporting documents & marksheets conforming to the eligibility and category requirements as supporting documents.
  9. Once you finally submit the application at last step, no further changes to the application can be made by the applicant. Hence verify the application carefully before final submission.
  10. After final submission you will find the button “View Resume”. By clicking on it you can view your resume with your filled data and from there you can print the same with the Print button at the Bottom of the page.

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